5 Digital Marketing Ideas to make you a pro in 2021

22 / 09 / 2021 , 07:15 PM , India

Image Source : chromitesolutions

Usually Lockdown is anti Business but Santy Sharma will tell you how can the adverse situation be sometimes used for our benefits. Santy Shared 5 ideas to turn lockdown into money which are as below;

  1. Expand your Vision : Out movement restricted in the pandemic due to lockdown and the whole it saw a major force driving the economy, which was fear. When uncertainty paces up, it’s the only thing that is certain. To vision up means take your talent on an expanded plane. Showcase more because the offline platforms are out of function. The lockdown saw a raised demand and consumption in new music content or any content a free mind can gobble up. Pour you channel with quality content which lacks fear but enthuse joy.

  1. Connect Digitally: When personal connection has lost its charm due to social distancing, connect with your audience on the social platforms like Instagram. Santy says this one platform has helped him connect and be in touch with his fans which helped in launch new music as well reach it to his fans.

  1. Proliferate your ideas to growth: When there was nothing to do Santy picked up his old scripts and songs and honed them to perfection. He poured in more ideas, refurbished his old ones and is ready to launch post pandemic. This is the power of slowing down. Slowdown is sometimes good. It sets your pace of life in the right track.

  1. Love affects Business : When you home is set, all your outside activities gain traction. The pandemic was a good opportunity to blend with the family members to create a string bond of love. This love eventually gives you confidence and a sense of security to focus on business.

  1. Keep an eye open: The pandemic is not the end of the world. Santy Sharma opened a Digital marketing company, DIGITAL YOOG in the pandemic and made a considerable amount of money with most of his colleagues as clients. “This is how you turn the pandemic into advantage!”, says Santy.

Article Source : Digital Yoog