Anas Shahid : Training You To The Core

Anas Shahid

Abs as hard as a board with looks ever ready to make you fall in love, this fitness trainer cum actor, Anas Shahid is a well known brand in the Fitness Industry. With brands like Gatorade, Golean in the kitty, Anas is all ready to set his foot deep.

An incident transcribed in his teens such that he took body building as his passion. Anas was bullied in school untill his teens. Oneday he was badly bruised fighting and then he decided not to remain weak. He was 18 then. At 25 years of age now, though he didn’t beat his friends back then but learnt to handle them wittily.

“Anger has to be manifested in forms of muscles; and when you build them right, no one messes with you unnecessarily”!, Says Anas.

His training regime and techniques render his clients fabulous results which pulls him more clients.

“I facilitate to keep your Soul healthy by helping you stay fit!”, remarks Anas.

Other than being a trainer and actor, Anas is also a fashionista. His fashion blogs and Instagram has more tha half a million followers!

The Pakistani fashion industry is head over heels with this young dude set to set the sets on fire!

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Source : Casey Weekly

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