Brajesh Kumar Singh: A Story of A Blogger Who Overcame Odds to Become Successful

Brajesh Kumar Singh

In a world gushing with competition, it is easy for one to abandon their dreams, passion, and the will to work for the future one desires. We easily run over many examples of individuals who surrendered but there is one name that projects success, perseverance, the will to fight against all odds and be on the other side with pride of the win and holding success as the trophy. The name of one such strong-willed individual is Mr. Brajesh Kumar Singh, who is also a blogger and has always been belligerent towards the adversities that came his way.

Being raised in a lower average family, Brajesh's way was authentically not an easy one. Having his origin from the Chakrajali a small town of Bihar, he had scored extraordinary grades in high school. Nevertheless, he wasn't sufficiently lucky to crack the tough nut and get admitted to IIT. But, giving up was not an option and hence, he prepared for the new battle and secured a good position, qualifying WBJEE (West Bengal Joint Entrance Exam). Allowing him to further his studies in a prestigious college in Kolkata. But living in the extravagant city was not a smooth sail for Brajesh. Although we were fixated and determined to achieve his goals but not being backed up financially proved to be a huge obstacle in his way. He had to go through a severe monetary crisis. But not giving up on his dreams he approached Bihar C.M Nitish Kumar to solve the problem regarding his student loan, and the issue was resolved.

Brajesh has had the experience of working in many different fields he worked as a campaign strategist in digital marketing. He is also a renowned name in the field of advertising and marketing having experienced working for giants like Max Bupa, Cadbury, Croma, and Mivi. But finally, he settled be to a famous blogger loved by people for his work as well as authentic and impressive writing style.

Along with all these big names he is also the founder of and where he publishes his lifestyle blogs.

As if all this was not enough Brajesh has the desire to achieve more and become a better version of himself. Recently, He decided to share his experiences and knowledge in the field of blogging and launched a book authored by him named “Blogging-O-Pedia: A Quick Guide to Start Your Successful Career in Blogging’ which is also available on amazon. He looks forward to improving his skills as a writer and advance in the field.

Presently he is working with one of the biggest names in the automobile industry Mercedes-Benz. He has also been awarded several awards for his exceptional achievements such as ‘PAT on the BACK’; and ‘STAR Award for best Customer Delivery’ while working with Capgemini which was his first job as an engineer with a multi-national corporation other than that he was also awarded the Global Young Leaders’ Fellowship and Karamveer Chakra Awards.

Brajesh's story is a story full of high points and low points, yet this is the narrative of a sort of individual that each one looks up to as a symbol of success, a story that rouses each one to push ahead towards their objective paying little heed to the difficulties one faces and accomplish all that appears to be unreachable and be an individual that battles with the issues with bravery and assurance.

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