Cheetah, Konark Kalia New Face of Indian Rap Scene

25/03/2022, INDIA, 03:48PM

Konark kalia, hailing from Uttar Pradesh is one emerging noticeable talent in the current desi hip hop scene. He has been thriving in this field since 2019. A personality filled with all vigour and enthusiasm.

A versatile song writer and performer. He devotes a lot of time and creativity into his work by getting to create and make his mark on the world he is truly living out his dreams.

Not everyone ends up finding their purpose and getting to live it out, but Konark kalia has been working towards his future for a while now.

Cheetah has released 16 songs tills now on YouTube and other digital platforms. He is ready to take over desi hip hop scene with his new tracks.

Konark Says, “I’m a rich rapper but still had seen many things in life good and bad. I know life will show more things and I’m ready for it. I will have what’s mine and by the right way”