Fast&Up fastens Pushkar's career with Nutrition partner deal

Another day and another good news for Pushkar and his family as African cricketer, Pushkar Sharma gets rewarded with a sponsorship deal with nutritional company 'Fast&Up'.

Fast&Up is a nutrition based company preferrably for athletes and sportspersons.

It Offers intelligent effervescent supplements for training, workout, and active lifestyle. The best part of it is that it is a Indian based company with flavours of Swiss effervescence.

Pushkar Sharma is a very talented cricketer and deserves all of this. He had his bad days and now is the time for him to hustle.

He lost his father at the peak of his career and was in utter despair. Later on his coach Digambar sir shared an opportunity with him to play in one of the prolific cricket Leagues in Africa, for which he had to leave for Kenya. It was a tough decision but Pushkar took the route full of struggles. Not only did he succeed in this path but also he saw the hope of representing in national colours.

It was completely his decision to go outskirts of the country and make a mark for himself. He had the full support of his parents and family. 'Indian Life insurance' company helped him a lot in his path to success. They offered him a job and also an opportunity to play cricket and earn respect in Kenya.

Apart from this, Pushkar has also been featured by 'Indiafirst Life insurance' company and blackbird sports in his cricketing career.

Apart from getting to play for the 'Indiafirst Life isurance' company, he also got a job offer to work for them. People around him have been very courteous and supportive and inturn he didn’t disappoint them. Later on, he also got an opportunity to play for the Eldoret Elephants in the African Premiere League and amassed everyone with his blistering performance. But unfortunately the league got halted due to the onset of corona virus pandemic and we all are hoping for Pushkar to make a comeback and shine once again.

Well, do you know, Fast&Up' is not the only sponsor Pushkar has got till now.

Leading foodtech company Pintola peanut also signed an impressive endorsement deal with the swashbuckling southpaw and we hope many more such firms to come in and join hands in support of our superstar Pushar Sharma.