French dancer trying Bharatnayam on ‘Snehithane Snehithane’ wows netizens

16/04/2022, INDIA, 02:37 PM

Doing a fusion choreography to a mashup version of 'Snehithane Snehithane' and 'In My Bed', the dancer impressed many online.

Music transcends boundaries and languages and we have seen countless examples of it before. And when it comes to peppy, upbeat Indian music, there’s hardly anyone who can resist tapping their feet or even breaking out in a dance. Now, taking things to a whole new level, a popular French dancer is melting hearts online while trying out Bharatnatyam.

Jika, a popular Instagram influencer, who has expressed his love for Bollywood dance numbers before, recently took many by surprise by trying out an Indian classical dance form. Joining forces with popular Indian dancer and choreographer Shanti, the duo along with Emile Travis were seen performing out in an open garden

Doing a fusion choreography to a mashup version of ‘Snehithane Snehithane’ from 2000 hit Tamil film Alaipayuthey and ‘In My Bed’ — the three dancers brought some freshness to their style, wowing all online.

With not just an effort to learn peppy dance numbers from various Indian regional languages songs, his followers were elated to see him learning a difficult classical dance form. Many commented on his form and zeal to learn, while hoping they would get to see more of his talent. Some even flooded the comments sections with requests. “You should wear mundu next time,” one remarked, lauding him.

Source: The Indian Express