Gauri Thorat & Sonali Thorat : The Voiceless Lovers from Mumbai

Most of the people are not aware about the pets issues and this issues were rising from past many year's.

We are glad that few people are hustling for the Voiceless pets and they do their job perfectly. Yes we are taking about this two girls from Bollywood town Mumbai, Miss. Gauri Thorat & Miss. Sonali Thorat.

They started the rescue work and helping this pets and now people call them - The Voiceless Lovers.

when we asked then for the whole Story Behind this pets rescuing and helping. . .

They said :- "As we are voiceless lovers and its our passion too. So just decided this hobby to expand n share with evry human being that as we required roof to live so they are also creation so they also requires.

Respected sir ACP Sudhir Kudalkar supports us for fosters get some kind of help like food and treatment. Yet now We didnt get any funding's and recently we have started we are doing by own pocket incomes but yes m sure when everyone comes to know about this people will step forward and help us for the same as well as govt too.

Our moto is to reach up to every voiceless creation as well as voiceless lovers".

They Also Said :- "If someone is not pet lover then also its ok but at least shouldn't be pet haters just to reduce animal cruality cases.

Everyone should change the mentality to looking at them. They are also creation of god and we believe they have more feelings and emotions then human beings, Infect want to change this concept of calling them pet they should called as voiceless inspite of animal or pets. Because even though having brain to human we comparatively behave like animals."

Gauri & Sonali are the perfect Example of being Human as they have the 100% Humanity in thier blood. We would request you to help Street pets and also try to understand their needs.

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