”Is Fitness Industry An Invitation To Covid-19. Strange” - Manish Kashyap

05 Fab 2022, 12:26PM, INDIA

Gym should also be allowed to operate with 50% capacity.

When the government has allowed other businesses to operate with precautionary measures gyms should also be allowed to operate by following these precautionary measures.The dangerous covid has grasped people in its clutches and continues to gnaw them as the society continues to suffer from its aftermath.Not only the owner but numerous of people have lost their daily bread and living due to the closed gyms.Gyms have always promoted heath and fitness among the people.They have been a constant source of productive output from a man.However due to covid,its a point of breakdown for this sector as number of gyms have been closed due to heavy loss over the past two years and few gyms are under major financial crisis.People are suffering mentally as well as financially.Many peole have committed suicide under such circumstances and people now fear from opening new gyms.Gym requires a spacious area of work and its payable rent is quite expensive and difficult to bear during lockdown circumstances.Covid has also proved that physical fitness and health is the utmost priority.So if gyms get closed the main motto of physical fitness remains unachievable and the coming generation would also suffer in this field. When other businesses like bars,clubs restaurants and theaters are allowed to work at 50 percent capacity the gyms should also be given an opportunity to work under standard operating measures.So its a plea to the government to consider this area of the sector too or provide the sector with some incentives to recover from the loss.