Keep Up The Hustle : Shourya Anand

Shourya Anand

Hope you all are doing well and your Quarantine is going good.

Today we had session with very humble personality and Music video producer Mr. Shourya Anand.

Shourya is in a private sector and also going to produce new music albums with some famous artists based in Bangalore.

He had produced some underground songs before and now he is all set to work on big scale.

We asked Shourya about his next move, He said :

" Music videos are the main highlighted platform for producer's, directors and for an Artist's.

Me and my team are ready to produce many songs along with underground Rappers.

But as per now we have a long fight with Covid-19, Once lockdown is up, then surely we will looking forward to release our up coming albums as soon as possible "

Shourya believe to work for future and he is ready for the future fights. Also Shourya is Active on Social media platforms like INSTAGRAM.

Soo from our side, we would like to wish him best of luck for their new projects.

You can Follow Shourya Anand On his IG :