What is 10 feet BFE Gundu Jib, know from M/S Bollywood Film Equipments owner Rrajesh Mallaya himself

Nowadays, many equipments have come in the market for shooting films. Dozens of types of cranes are available in the market which are used for shooting shots. A company called M/S Bollywood Film Equipments is very famous for this type of film equipment. Equipment and lights have been provided by this company for shooting hundreds of films. We got some information by the owner of the company Rrajesh Mallaya, who is sharing with you, if you also have a hobby of making films, then perhaps this information can prove beneficial for you.

M/S Bollywood Film Equipments has many such film equipment available which cannot be found with other companies. Let us tell you that 10 feet BFE Gundu JIB is one of them. So that we can tell you what this device is and what it is used for, for this we have an exclusive conversation with Rrajesh Mallaya, the owner of M/S Bollywood film Equipments. Describing about the device, he also told many advantages of this device.


Company owner Rrajesh Mallaya says this 10 ft jib crane is a portable filming solution to increase your production value. Robust Jib Cranes are specially designed for traveling cranes for indoor and outdoor video productions. Its telescopic arm feature adds flexibility to frame perfect shots in indoor and outdoor spaces. Now you can create visual effects and produce incredibly smooth floating camera crane shots that add value to your filmmaking and bring you an instant return on your investment.