Navjot Sidhu's Latest Tweets Hint At Ceasefire With Amarinder Singh

It may be too early to call for an agreement, but tweets from Congress leader Navjot Singh Sidhu about the power outage in Punjab suggest they melt away from the party’s cold-blooded relationship with Prime Minister Amarinder Singh.

A week after the Prime Minister was ousted from the opposition party due to his incompetence, a politician who emerged as a politician who captured Congress rivals - Delhi Prime Minister Arvind Kejriwal and Shiromani Akali Dal led by the Balal family

The absence of Amarinder Singh's administration in the tweets was enough to dispel rumors that the party might have made progress in resolving a dispute between its top leaders in the Punjab, months before a crucial election.

Only last week Mr Sidhu released a series of tweets about the power crisis plaguing Captain Singh: "There is no need for power outages in Punjab or the Prime Minister to control office time or the use of AC for ordinary people ... if we do that it is okay."

The statement was followed by a timely revelation from Amarinder Singh's Department of Energy sources that Mr Sidhu, despite commenting on the matter, owed more than ₹ 8 lakh on unpaid electricity bills.

With the war not over, Captain Singh boarded a helicopter to meet Congress president Sonia Gandhi in Delhi earlier this week and said he would accept "any decision taken by Congress High Command", suggesting that the decision could be final.

His meeting with Sonia Gandhi came just days after Navjot Sidhu met Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi in Delhi and a week later Mr Singh met with a three-member committee appointed by Sonia Gandhi to propose a solution to the Punjab dispute.

Sources say Congress has been working on a formula to bring the Prime Minister to the board with a formula that will require Mr Sidhu to be placed in the Punjab ranks in recent months between the two leaders which jeopardizes the prospects for re-election.