Pulkit Vij & Kamal Associates Offer Attractive Discounts To Buyers Looking For A Dream Home

Pulkit Vij

The need to excel inspires young property businessman Pulkit Vij to innovate every day, every hour of his life. In this regard, the head of Kamal Associates, a firm with 20-years of experience in this field, has come up with a unique cash-back scheme for buyers of affordable housing in Delhi. Under this scheme, the company will provide a good discount to buyers who book their flats with a down payment of at least Rs. 5 lakh. Kamal Associates is going to provide them a monthly rental guarantee, for at least next 12 months, starting from the date of down payment.

Talking about this new scheme launched recently, Pulkit informs, “We are committed to provide a good return to the buyer on his property. If you pay me Rs 5 lakh down payment, we will hand over rent receipts worth Rs 5,000 each for the next 12 payments, right then and there. So, in effect you are paying me only Rs. 4,40,000. That is the kind of rental income comparable to what the big builders are offering in Gurugram/Noida. And our aim is to reach their scale in the coming years.”

This is a new type of cash-back concept in property business that Kamal Associates is introducing for small-scale buyers, who need, rather than want, a home for themselves. The scheme is also an attempt to keep the property prices within an affordable bracket for their loyal clients, who are growing in numbers with each passing day.

Kamal Associates was launched by Pulkit’s father about two decades ago and today, this dynamic young businessman is taking it to new heights. Their motto is “Apna Ghar, Sabka Ghar” and Pulkit works hard to make this daily mission a reality for his clients. Besides, his amazing YouTube videos on his channel, KamalAssociates, also generate a lot of interest in his business, owing to the honesty with which he presents the facts to prospective buyers.

The company even helps buyers arrange for upto 100% loans for their chosen properties, usually ranging between 1BHK and 3 BHK. Their properties means affordability and that is what drives their business too. In fact, each year, Kamal Associates successfully deliver 500-700 units to their clients.

Announcing this huge incentive to home-buyers, Pulkit Vij, the charismatic property builder, says, “We are keen to stick to our commitment of providing affordable homes and offices to our buyers. Though we excel in builder floors for now, our eyes are set on including all types of residential and commercial properties into our portfolio in the coming years. We want to grow beyond Delhi and NCR & for that I realise that we need to continue to build up our clientele.” He is an avid social media user and tries to propagate his business ideas on sites like Facebook and Instagram too.

Through such popular schemes, Kamal Associates is bound to reach where they want to reach!

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