Lockdown made us stronger: Priya Jain

As you all know, We all are facing the Covid Pandemic Lockdown where we touches soo many problems along with our family and friends.

Today we have discussion with an special guest Priya Jain, Who has been working on the Research of lockdown Businesses and Unlocking Process.

Priya Jain is from Heart of India, Yes ! Madhya Pradesh, Indore. Indore is famously Known for Cleanness and Poha-Jalebi.

Priya is an Independent girl who works for an Private Section corporate office and was working for work-from-home in the Lockdown time.

Priya Said " I been started in house Experiences like Art, Home made cakes and soo many kind of things like this to make this Pendemic Lockdown easy, but with the Time it was going really worst. For the year 2020 it was much easy to make ourselves in House but at the time of 2021 Lockdown we got Depressed. I tried many ways to get out from the depression and also tried for Yoga, Home Exercise, Some online Classes etc. Post May 2021 we have been realised that This Lockdown Taught is soo many things, like we have to Love our Family also we don't need a Physical Presence for mental relationship. This Lockdown Taught me how Strong we are and this made us More Stronger by the time form.

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