Turning problems to solutions through Fitness – Rinku Shah

15/04/2022, INDIA, 02:17 PM

In the early times during her child hood it hasn’t been easy for Rinku Shah financially. In such a time where teenagers are always met with their demands Rinku, to support her family, used to sell pens when she was 16 years old. Then later on for the next 15 years or so she started working in the hospitality industry and customer service. As a workaholic she has worked on all the terrains namely Land, Water and Air in Hotels, Cruise Liners and Airlines respectively. Those long hectic work time periods took a drastic turn on her health and she started facing back pain which restricted most of her movements which. Doctor suggested that she shoulf take control of her health and start maintaing a healthy lifestyle and perform safe execeises like swimming or yoga. Soon after her wits and determination she finally was cured of her injury and she wondered whether she should continue the new path and guide others who are in desperate need of the same. Due to this initiation Fitness2Flash was given birth on 2015.

A COMMUNITY which earlier started with a WhatsApp group of 100 odd women is now transformed to a much bigger platform of connecting 400 thousand women through Fitness. Fitness2Flashcommunity was also selected among 13,000 and funded by Facebook in 2021 as a part of the Facebook Accelerator Program.

Now Rinku Shah and her team not only helps women all over the world through personal fitness and nutrition but she has also helped in spreading awareness on this topic to the needful and this motion has led to a profusion of healthier environment.