YouTube Revealed new ways for creators to make money

13-02-2022, 10:52AM, INDIA

YouTube revealed in its latest blog post that it will soon add new ways for creators to monetize Shorts. One of them includes a way to build branded content through BrandConnect.


  • YouTube will soon add new video effects and editing tools for Shorts.

  • The platform will allow creators to build branded content through BrandConnect.

  • YouTube will bring the ability to shop from a Short.

YouTube has revealed new ways that will help creators make more money, increase their reach, and generate new ideas for their respective channels. The company says people love watching short-form content and it has plans to offer better tools to give creators an opportunity to attract more people. Short-form video is, of course, an idea copied from TikTok, but works well for YouTube. A lot of content creators have created a second Shorts channel to release snippets of their latest content.

YouTube is now planning to add new video effects as well as editing tools for Shorts. So, creators will soon be able to create better short videos. It will also introduce the ability to reply to individual comments by creating a Short. This feature sounds pretty similar to how Instagram’s “Reels Visual Replies” works. Well, the truth is the feature originally belonged to TikTok.

So, if a user comments on a reel you have posted, then you can reply to that person with a video. Instagram basically lets you add a sticker of the comment onto a new reel, which you can then move around or even add a text message.

In addition to this, YouTube also mentioned in its latest blog post that it will soon add new ways for creators to monetize Shorts. One of them includes a way to build branded content through Brand Connect. It will be integrating Super Chat into Shorts, and bring the ability to shop from a Short. The company also said that it is looking to explore more ways to incorporate shopping into the YouTube experience, apart from shoppable videos and Live Shopping.

YouTube also reported that there are a lot of people who struggle to understand what content is attracting more audience. The platform wants to improve this, so it will be adding new insights to the YouTube Studio app, which the company says will help creators know how viewers are interacting with their content. This will automatically help creators generate more ideas for new videos.

Additionally, this year, the platform also plans to release a new feature that allows creators to go live together, which will basically help boost interactivity. The regular users will also soon start seeing a feature called “Gifted memberships” on the platform. This will add the ability to purchase a channel membership for another viewer in the livestream — to a small group of channels. YouTube says it is still testing this feature and planning to release in the coming months.

Lastly, YouTube will also make it easier for users to interact with the video you’re watching on TV using their phone. This is a great feature as people will then be able to read or write a comment and share videos directly from their smartphone.

Source : IndiaToday