Knowledge Panel Creation & Claim Process

Knowledge Panel Creation Agency In India

How to Create Knowledge Panel? How to Claim Knowledge Panel? 

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Which helps to get your profile / brand more visible to your visitor's.

Visibility in the search results can determine whether users click through to your site or visit a competitor. Earning a Knowledge Panel is one way to tip the odds in your favor and claim as much search result real estate as Google’s willing to give. Knowledge Panels can also familiarize searchers with your organization and point them to resources they may be looking for, such as your customer service number, social profiles or even your most popular products.

While the prevailing guidance may be to simply create a Wikipedia page in order to obtain a Knowledge Panel, there is more than one approach. Although this guide primarily references Google, the suggestions generally apply to Knowledge Panels in Bing search results as well

What is a Knowledge Panel?

 Knowledge Panels are information boxes that Google displays when the user searches for an entity (which can be a person, place, organization, event, etc.) That's is in Google Knowledge Graph.

 The Knowledge Graph obtains information from a variety of sources. Wikipedia is the most commonly cited source in Knowledge Panels. When source information changes, Knowledge Panels update automatically.

The type of information displayed within a Knowledge Panel can vary. Here is an example of what one typically looks like on desktop and mobile, respectively:

The SEO benefits of having a Knowledge Panel

 “You have a billboard . . . which includes your logo, the URL to your website, information about your business or, if you’re a person, who you are,” Tony Edward, SEO director at Tenuity, told Search Engine Land, “You see a plethora of information that can really help folks get familiar with your brand.”

Other avenues into the Knowledge Graph :

Your site. “Your own site is a source of information about yourself,” Barnard said, “You need to put Schema markup on your site, you need it to be clean, correct, and point Google in the direction of all the corroborative evidence of everything you’re saying.”

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