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For countless businesses, Google Ads (formerly known as Google AdWords) is their bread and butter, as far as achieving conversions. Although Social Media is a must-have for most businesses, sometimes Google Ads is a business’s main weapon for leading customers down their sales funnel. With "DIGITAL YOOG", your brand, products and services will be presented as effectively as possible and contribute to major growth in your business. We have extensive experience with Google Ads and know the best way to present your product, service or offer for maximum response.

What is PPC?

PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click, a paid advertising model where advertisers pay per click on an ad. This means you, the advertiser, only pay if a user clicks on your ad.

PPC is great for driving quality traffic to your website. Google Ads has proven to be effective in increasing traffic, driving conversions, increasing phone calls to your business and ultimately resulting in boosting ROI.

Google Ads allows you to create customised, well-timed ads for your target audience. One of the biggest benefits of PPC advertising is that it will place your product/service in front of customers who are actively looking for them! This means there’s a much higher chance of you bagging the customer. All you need is to know when to advertise and what words to use for maximum efficiency. This is where we, the PPC Experts come in. We can frame your Google Ads in such a way that you get the best possible results and bang for buck!

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