Trademark Registration Process in India

Trademark ( Wordmark ) Registration in India 

 Trademark Registration is an intellectual property registration under the Trademark Act of India. Trademark registration provides ownership of intellectual property, rights to exclusive use of the registered trademark and legal protection in case of trademark infringement. Words, slogans, business names, numerals and more can be trademark registered. The trademark registration process typically takes more than 8-10 months. However, once a trademark registration application is filed with the Trademark Registrar, the TM symbol can be placed next to the logo or business name to put others on notice that a trademark application has already been filed. Once we will start the work, In just 3-5 working days it will be live on Govt. website and from search option you will be able to see your Wordmark along with the Logo and once it will be registered successfully after 8-10 months it will be yours for next 10 years from the Registered date. After 10 years it will be expire and you can Re-registration from the same Process. 

We charge Just 13k ₹ for Individual Personal Trademark 16K ₹ & for Brand Trademark Wordmark

Which includes all the processing fees of Trademark Registration along with The Advocate fees and all of the procedure. 

Trademark tracker Indian Govt Website : 

Trademark Registration Requirements: 

1- Owners legal full name.

2- Wordmark Name.

3- Wordmark Logo.

4- Owner's Aadhar Card

5- Owner's Pan Card.

6- 1 Passport size Image.

7- Authentication Approval mail from Owner.

8- 100% Advance payment.

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